Centrally Assigned Staff

Staff assigned centrally by a board to serve the schools of the board can contribute
to system-wide literacy objectives through some or all of the following:
• collaborating with superintendents and principals to develop clear, measurable
goals for professional learning that focus on reading instruction and student
• staying informed about current research in reading instruction;
• participating in professional learning activities that strengthen their knowledge
of reading instruction and their skills in mentoring, coaching, modelling, and
• creating and delivering professional learning activities at the board and school
levels using the material in this guide;
• supporting school teams in the development of professional learning and school
improvement plans;
• developing literacy support documents and recommending appropriate resources
and materials for effective reading instruction and professional learning;
• working with lead literacy teachers to model effective reading instruction practices
in classrooms;
• identifying and supporting individual teachers’ needs;
• reviewing the board’s professional learning plan in collaboration with superintend-ents and principals, focusing on classroom practices and board-wide professional
learning activities that will strengthen student performance.

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staff centrally

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